This is the ideal disposable vape if you’re searching for one but have never used one before or if you want to explore new tastes without spending a lot of money on something you’ve never tried before. The newest innovation by Fume and QRJOY is the Viper Mini. That’s correct, it’s an authentic product made by the same company that produced the well-known and beloved original Fume devices.
The Viper MINI is a pre-filled disposable vape system with 1500 puffs that is incredibly small.
It is made of high-quality materials to preserve durability and is extremely easy to grasp. It is powered by a 650mAh built-in battery and 4.8ml of tasty E-liquid that has already been filled. It is delivered fully constructed and charged.


• Puffs: ~1500
• E-Liquid Capacity: 4.8ml
• Battery Capacity: 650mAh
• Nicotine Salt: 5%
• Disposable
• Puffs 1500+