One of the most fashionable and little vape pods is the Supreme Prime disposable vape device. It has already been charged and filled, and it needs no maintenance. Its extreme portability and small weight make it the perfect option for vaping when on the go.

It won’t feel cumbersome to carry multiple Supreme Prime disposables in your pocket. Although it has a very sleek appearance, it is made solidly from premium materials. In comparison to the majority of the best-rated disposable vapes, Supreme Prime disposables give the best flavors and value for the money.

The premium coil used in Supreme Prime disposables may provide great flavors and keep you entranced. The flavors are delicate enough to be appealing and suited for vaping all day.

Supreme Prime pod vapes have a strong 1300Mah battery. battery to power your smartphone to the last puff you get to enjoy. Mesh coils are a wonderful option for MTL vaping and flavor chasing because they produce great clouds.


  • Nicotine level – % (50 mg)
  • E-juice – 12ml
  • Battery rating – 1300Mah battery
  • 3500+ Puffs
  • Mesh coil
  • Require no recharge, refill, or maintenance