The 4500-puff capacity HQD XXL vape includes a long-lasting battery. Open, use, and trash. That simple. You will receive a delicious, smooth juice flavor every 4500 puffs that will perfectly suit your palette. From the first draw, the mouthpiece awakens the HQD top e-juice liquid’s pure freshness and flavor. The single system is portable and still has enough power to fit in your pocket.
All of our goods are genuine and come directly from the manufacturer. The 1300mAh HQD XXL disposable vape pod has a 4500-puff capacity and a lengthy battery life. If you enjoy the flavors of the Cuvie Plus, you must try this bigger electronic cigarette device. Your taste buds will enjoy the extraordinarily flavorful HQD e-juice. The draw-activated vaporizer is pre-filled with salt nicotine e-liquid for immediate inhalation. This amazing new product includes an adjustable airflow and a mesh coil for a smoother smoke.
A well-known vape business in the US is HQD Vape XXL. By supplying fresh products and distinctive items, HQD Vape has also been able to keep its market share in the United States. Early in 2018, the first XXLV1 disposable vape was made available. The product quickly rose to the top of the market. Finally, the company sells a variety of goods. King comes first, followed by Maxim, Super, Mega, and XXL.


• Size: 25.3×119.3
• Battery Capacity: 1300mAh
• E-Liquid: 12ml
• Concentration: 50mg
• Disposable
• Resistance: 1.2
• Input Voltage: 3.7V
• Power Range: 7W~12W