HQD King Disposable Vape 
As the name implies, the HQD King Disposable Vape provides a king-sized capacity of 2000 puffs, packed into a portable form factor of 19.5*109 mm. The HQD King is available in 13 exciting flavors. 

The HQD King Disposable makes for an easy vaping experience. It has a draw-activated design so you can do away with clunky button interfaces. Enjoy the smooth, consistent vaping experience for over 2000 puffs and simply dispose of the device when you’re done. 

This king-sized HQD vape comes prefilled with 6.5 ml of e-juice and a 5% nicotine salt concentration. 

At HQD E Cig, we primarily serve wholesalers and retailers. Bulk orders are served with special rates. You can get original HQD vape products delivered to your location, anywhere in the world. On top of that, you get the additional perk of free deliveries for any order above $500. 
List of HQD King Disposable Vape Flavors
The HQD King Disposable Vape comes in 13 exquisite flavors like Pina Colada and Fruit Fusion. Here are some popular flavor options for the HQD King:

Pineapple Ice
Lush Ice and more

HQD King Disposable Vape Device Specifications

E-liquid Capacity: 6.5ml
Battery Capacity: 1200mAh
Puff Count: 2000+
Size:  19.5*109mm
Nicotine Strength: 50mg/ml (5%)
Concentration:   50mg/ml
Input Voltage: 3.7V
Power Range: 7~12W
Resistance: 1.8Ω

Other Available HQD Brands
If you’re looking to offer your customers with different choices, HQD E CIg offers a variety of original HQD products. Check them out below:

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HQD Cuvie V1 Disposable
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HQD King Disposable Vape in Bulk Wholesale
At HQD E Cig, we specially cater to wholesalers and retailers. We can provide bulk orders at special wholesale rates to any corner of the world (except areas where vape products are prohibited).

You just need to make an online account on our website and upload a valid license to sell nicotine products. Once your credentials are verified, you are all set to make bulk orders directly through our website. 
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
How many hits/puff are in an HQD King?
The HQD King Disposable Vape is equipped with a massive 1200 mAh battery which can provide 1200 hits from a single vape device. 
How much is a HQD King?
You can get a box of HQD King Vapes for USD 46.99. We offer competitive prices for wholesale orders of the HQD King Disposable with discounts that get better with bigger orders. You are sure to get the best rates for original HQD vape products at HQD E Cig 
What are the packaging options for the HQD King?
We sell the HQD King Vape Pod in boxes of 6 individual vape devices. 
How to recharge a HQD King disposable pod device?
The HQD King is designed as a disposable vape device. It is a draw-activated device that comes with a full charge and pre-filled with your desired flavor of e-juice. Once you’re done with it, you can simply dispose of it. 
How much nicotine is in HQD king?
The HQD King Disposable Vape includes a 5% nicotine salt concentration, which should keep you going for a long time.

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